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The 300KWh Micro Grid Demonstraton Project in FGY Company Site
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Product Description:

FGY company site’s MW-class intelligent grid demonstration project is paralleled by 100kW dual input PCS and 20kW PV on-grid inverter, to achieve grid and off-grid operation. It is configured with 3 different storage medium:1. 210kWh LiFePo4 Battery Banks.  2. 105kWh LiNiCoMnO2 Battery Banks. 3. Super Capacitor 50kW 5 seconds.








Storage capacity:210kWh LiFePO4,105kWh LiNiCoMnO2
Super capacitor: 50KW 5 seconds
PCS: 100KW dual inputs
PV on-grid inverter:20kW