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Standardized energy storage container unit
Product Description:

The 0.5MWh-2.5MWh standardized energy storage container unit
The complementary power solution for wind,luminous, peak-load shifting,peak and frequency regulation.



Adopt 40GP container design, high energy density, small footprint, convenient to install and short construction period;
Easy to move, can be used in multiple power station;
Standard module, modular structure, easy to expand capacity, flexible configuration for system capacity, can meet megawatt energy storage application.


Independent R&D energy storage Inverter, realize accurate and high efficient management, can be remote to dispatch and manage with the help of EMS system;
High system conversion efficiency, multiple charging & discharging control strategies, dynamic and static grid support has the function of low voltage and high voltage ride through;
Support on-grid/off-grid operation mode, can realize seamless handover, with the function of black-start.


High efficiency
Layer and pile design for battery modules, battery management system adopts three-level structure management system, with long life of more than 15 years;
PCS adopts international advanced IGBT and intelligent power module, with high power fast adjustment capability;
Key connecting pieces adopt flexible connecting technology, to minimize the suffered rigid stress of components.


With intelligent fire extinguisher system, automatically extinguish a fire, safe and reliable;
High safety, omnibearing, multiple layers battery protection strategy, fault isolation measure, high efficient battery module and system cooling design;
Strong environmental adaptability, guard against theft, dustproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion.