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Power Convert System
Product Description:

The PCS provides an interface between the grid and the battery to achieve charge and discharge function. PCS can be used in different situations (grid-connected systems, off-grid systems and hybrid systems) and suitable for distributed power generation systems.


Energy storage technology has been consider as an important part of the six links in collectiion-generation-transmission-distribution-employment-storage during the operation of the grid. After the system connected into energy storage, the user’s demand can be effectively controlled,including wipe out the day and night peaks and valleys, and the load can be smoothed. Not only can we make more efficient use of power equipment, reduce power supply costs, but also promote the renewable energy, or choose as a method to improve system stability, adjust frequency, and load fluctuations. Therefore, the energy storage technology has a great significance.


The energy storage PCS using the advanced digital control technology to optimize the performance and improve system reliability. It’s suitable for different battery charging and discharging needs, and is modular in design for easy installation and maintenance.


Its key performances are as follows,
• Following the grid dispatching, with RS485, CAN, Ethernet and other communication interection.
• Bidirectional inverter to charge and discharge the battery.
• Constant current charging, constant voltage charging, constant power charging (DC), constant power charging (AC), etc.
• Constant current discharge, constant voltage discharge, constant power discharge (DC), constant power discharge (AC), etc.
• Supporting different kinds of battery, such as lithium batteries, lead-acid batteries, flow batteries, super capacitors, etc.
• Complete communication and protection features.
• Low voltage ride through, reactive power compensation, active power adjustment and other functions.
• From -30°C to +55°C fully power running.
• Suitable for high altitude and harsh environments, long-term continuous and reliable operation.
• Heating dehumidification function (optional).