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Energy Management System
Product Description:

EMS is an energy management system which acquires meteorological data and long-term load forecast data from the cloud (predictive correction with real-time load data) to perform power generation prediction, energy storage scheduling, and power flow control. Therefore, the system can operate stably while achieving the optimal economic efficiency configuration. In addition, EMS can also use big data to regulate the use of local users.




1st,The human-computer communication module is mainly responsible for the communication between the operator and the energy management system. It uses a visual human-machine interface and provides a unified graphics platform.
2nd,The data analysis module stores the real-time data which collected by the system, various operation logs, and prediction data into the database.
3rd,The prediction module is an important module in micro-grid energy management system.
4th,Decision-making optimization is the core module of the micro-grid energy management system.