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5KW-10KWh Retrofitted Energy Storage System
Product Description:

This system is a retrofitted household energy storage system, it can be directly retrofitted into an existing on-grid PV generation system to compose a hybrid system, requiring no transformation of the original solar system and replacement of inverter. It can power your home in the evening, it can also fortifies your home agaist power outages by providing a backup power supply.


Off-grid and on-grid automatic conversion;
Improve PV selfconsumption by storing move electriaty from PV;
Independent off-grid system work mode;
Back up electricity supply agaist power outage.




Item 5KW-10KWh
PV Input Voltage Range 5KW-10KWh
PV Input Maximum Open-circuit Voltage 580V
PV Input Maximum Power 5400Wp
Mains supply Input Voltage 185~265Vac
Mains supply Charging Current 32A
MPPT Input Voltage Range 125~580Vdc
MPPT Output Voltage Range 42~58Vdc
MPPT Maximum Charging Current 100A
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Battery Capacity 200Ah
Battery Rated Voltage 51.2V
Output Port 230Vac/50Hz
Inverter Rated Output Power 6KVA/5kW
Inverter Output Frequency 49.5~50.5Hz
Inverter Output Waveform Pure Sine Wave(THD≤3%)
Transfer Efficiency ≥92%
Protective Function Output overload protection, output short-circuit protection,
battery over-temperature protection, battery over-current protection,
battery over-charge protection, battery over-discharge protection
Operating Ambient Temperature -10~+50℃
Operating Height Below the altitude of 2000 meters
IP Degree IP22
Installation Way Floor Type
Product Size 980x810x354mm
Product Weight 176kg
Product Certification CE/ROHS