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Solar Energy Storage System FGY-840(50Ah Lead Acid)
Product Description:

This product is a portable DC, lead-acid free maintance battery ,solar energy storage system mainly using for outdoor lighting, emergency lighting, mobile stall, communications and entertainment devices in wild woodland jobs' charging. It can also be used to charge the phone, LED lighting, AC fans ,DC fans and other AC.DC devices.Control circuit inverter and battery integrated together,that is easy to carry and use.

Model No. FGY-840
Solar Panel 60W/18V(5m)x1
LED Bulb 3W/12V(E27)x2只
Cable For LED Light 5mx2(E27 LED bulb)
Capacity Of Lithium Battery 50Ah/11.1Vx1
Max Charging Current 5A
Max 12V Load Current 6A
Rated Voltage Of DC Output 10.8-14.6V
Power Of 220V AC Output 300W
Rated Voltage Of AC Output 220-230V
Charginig Way PWM
Floating Charge Voltage 13.8V
Over Charging Voltage 10.8V
Recovery Voltage Of Over Charge 12.6V
Host Size 420x200x300mm
PV Size 690x670x30mm